The Secure South West 15 Event Blueprints

Only a couple months to go in the run up to the 15th Secure South West event and the foundations have been laid. Join us on the 23rd of March at the place where it all started eight years ago, Plymouth University, to hear from cybersecurity speakers. We all be covering all sorts of topics from business protection to innovation and skills development.

This will run as a hybrid event, running in person at the university whilst also streaming content online. Don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on all the fun if you can’t make it in person. We will be using to encourage panel discussions and conduct Q&A sessions and polls. If you are able to come and see us, there will be sponsored table top booths and a cabaret style layout so you will be able to interact with the experts and your fellow attendees. It is also only a short, five minute walk from Plymouth train station as parking is limited.

Agenda 2022

  • Keynote session (DCMS/NCSC/UKC3)
  • Business protection
  • Innovation
    • Cybership
    • UoE Cyber Lab (TBC)
  • Skills
    • Increased emphasis on cybersecurity student development

Young blood

We want to encourage young people to become more involved in the cybersecurity sector, therefore will be going back to the SSW roots and focusing on student attendance this year. SWCSC have been involved in a few youth projects this year; namely the Cyberfirst projects and Cyberfutures pilot and want to give students the best introduction to the industry and support where we can. We believe that the SSW event is a great place to start!

Call to Action – All about the speakers!

We want to know who you want to see. Who has lead your favourite conversations over the last year? Who was memorable or motivational? Or, do you know any excellent speakers? Send them our way!


Open for sponsorship now!

  • No pay for play
  • No commercial pitches
  • Open to sponsor speakers, however have to present business agnostically referring to topics above.
  • Securious committed to sponsoring the lunch buffet

For more information, please e-mail: