SW Cyber Resilience Centre UPDATE

During this month’s SWCSC Networking Meeting, Mark Moore has an update progress at the SW Cyber Resilience Centre.

South West Cyber Resilience Centre:

  • Police-led organisation, part of a national network, with the purpose to look after SMEs in the third sector in the South West making them more resilient. Supported by Home Office and not for profit. Drip feeding cyber security and cyber resilience information to SMEs so that they understand and have knowledge to recognise the next steps to take for their own cyber security. Here to help small businesses, for free.


  • Give people a bunch of NCSC stuff.
  • Contact them, speak to them about what it is and that they understand it
  • Monthly updates on the latest things they need to be aware of, brief their staff on, update (patch), etc.
  • Network of local students and graduates who help with first steps of cyber security like processes, policies, website security, system security, OSINT work, etc.
  • Recommendation to local and relevant cyber security companies to help the SME.

Priority: to continue the growth in supply chains and enhancing the security.  Keep SMEs safe and help them in regard to cyber security.

New work sectors: Faming, Health & Social Care, Independent