Supporting FE Courses with Cyber Experience


Mike Halliday, TechEd Programmes Ltd, discussed Supporting FE Courses with Cyber Experience at this month’s SWCSC Networking Meeting.

Cyber Security Education & Industry

  • Cyber Security education and the trend of neurodiversity students within the Cyber community
  • South West Cyber Futures Programme – building a cyber skills pipeline of the region
  • Need to find a way of engaging students with cyber security
    • Students are looking for a journey and would like someone to train them for the careers they are interested in
    • To feel they have a relationship or an employer within the Cyber Security industry
    • Skills gap for how education deals with industry

Pilot Programme

  • Committed to collaborating and working together
  • Committed resources
  • Identified and met with colleges
  • Shared costs
  • Committed to CPD journey (feedback loop, steering group)
  • Industry find it hard to communicate with young people in a way it resonates

Programme timeline:

Expect that after the programme the students will go onto apprenticeships, University or starting their career face on.

Partner Ecosystem – Sharing Delivery

It is important to understand how an organisation measures their ROI:

  • Sustainable skills pipeline
    • Supporting a cohort of 20 students per year
    • Developing skills in a structured manner over 2 years
    • Accelerating skills to enhance quality of talent pool
  • Social value solution
    • Enables supply chains to comply with social value conditions
    • Regular evidence and social media coverage of impact on learner journeys
  • Employer/ technology of choice
    • Feelgood factor: paying it forward (existing staff)
    • De facto career destination for cyber students
    • De facto technology standard for cyber security
  • Staff CPD (continued professional development)
    • Training on workshop delivery
    • Experience of interacting with the next generation of talent
    • Continuous feedback loop to embed and enhance security