Security Certificates

Achim D. Brucker, Software Assurance & Security Research at University of Exeter, discussed security certifications at this month’s SWCSC Networking Meeting.

Achim’s Intro to Security Certificates

  • Many certificates are required when applying to cyber jobs and roles, where it is essential to know specific standards and tools.
  • Knowledge areas:
    • Core knowledge = broad, high-level
    • Expert knowledge = depth and specialism
  • People are asked to obtain too many certificates. Since there is a handful needed for the main areas of cyber security, it is important to check if the certificate is relevant and worth the money for you.

Paul Jerimy – Interactive Website

  • Paul Jerimy created an interactive website listing 375 different security certificates and using schemes to show levels from entry to expert/ senior, and the categories such certificates fit in (e.g. Security Operations, IAM, Network Security).
  • This website is a great way to see which certificate is required for your specific cyber security path and the knowledge you need to know.
  • It essentially is an efficient tool as it saves you time and money when it comes to knowing which security certificates to get.
  • Go to the Paul Jerimy Website