Regional Cyber Briefing 17th May 2017

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Message from SW Cyber Protect Team,Zephyr RCCU, South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit

In light of the recent NHS Cyber Attack we have brought the distribution of our Regional Cyber Briefing forward a few days.
Included in this weeks edition is the latest update on the WannaCry Ransomware attack from the National Cyber Security Centre.
We have also included essential advice and steps for you to implement at home and in the workplace to protect yourself against the threat.

Please note this attack is not just aimed at the NHS, we have been dealing with SW businesses who have had their files and folders encrypted.

The WannaCry cyber-attack has been declared as a major incident, please could you take a moment to read the advice attached and specify Yes or No using the voting buttons as to whether you have taken action to protect yourself and/or your business by following the advice provided.
Also please tell us in your reply, If you use Windows XP, have you patched your system? (advice on how to do so is included on a link within the advice section of this weeks briefing)