This privacy policy explains what data SWCSC collects, how it is collected and what we do with it and who else may have access to it.

Website browsing

The cookies we use are solely to obtain aggregate information about our visitors and do not include any data that is personally identifiable to you such as an IP address.

For the avoidance of doubt our cookies include:


Personal Data

We may from time to time, via our website or email correspondence or social media interaction with you obtain the following information which we may record in our SWCSC database:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Address (normally company)
  • Business Name
  • Company Position
  • A brief description of your cyber security experiences

All such data will be collected via explicit opt-in or direct delivery from you and will not be collated from 3rd party sources.

We will process this data for the following purposes:

  • Providing you SWCSC event or news updates
  • Providing cyber security alerts
  • Administration of SWCSC
  • Sharing possible cyber security business opportunities

We will not share this data with 3rd parties. However we may use 3rd party web tools to engage you.  When we do we select them on the basis of the quality of their privacy policies.  A non- exhaustive list of 3rd parties we engage with, along with their privacy policy URLs is provided:

To contact the data controller email with ‘ FAO:Data Controller” in the subject line.

Privacy Policy Publication date: 15 November 2016