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South West Cyber Resilience Centre

May 21, 2021

We value the principle that everyone, be that businesses or those that work within business should understand and be able to take steps to keep themselves and the business they work for safe in the digital world.  With that in mind we wanted to send you a note to let you know about an opportunity…

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018

April 28, 2021

This month’s SWCSC featured a talk from Nathan Heyes about GDPR 2018. GDPR Implementation date: 25 May 2018 Is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union and the European Economic Area. To comply with one version (UK or EU) is to comply with both. So, you are compliant…

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Security Certificates

April 20, 2021

Achim D. Brucker, Software Assurance & Security Research at University of Exeter, discussed security certifications at this month’s SWCSC Networking Meeting. Achim’s Intro to Security Certificates Many certificates are required when applying to cyber jobs and roles, where it is essential to know specific standards and tools. Knowledge areas: Core knowledge = broad, high-level Expert…

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Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021

April 14, 2021

The latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2021 is released, if you have not already had a look through. It is an annual survey detailing business and charity action on cyber security, and the costs and impacts of cyber breaches and attacks. Details The government has surveyed UK businesses and charities to find out how they…

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Cyber Security Reporting

April 14, 2021

Chris Lambert, Assistant Head at Cyber Security Exports Team, delivered an informative presentation on Friday 9 April 2021 at the SWCSC Networking Meeting. The Department for International Trade (IT) Actively support UK firms to export and work with International Partners Offices dedicated to tech and cyber IT Advisors experienced in selling overseas can act as…

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Zoom Mail: SPF, DKIM & DMARC

March 10, 2021

David Hazzard, CEO at Zoom Mail, produced a discussion at the SW Cyber Security Cluster network meeting covering Zoom Mail and the email authentication standards, SPF, DKIM & DMARC. David also supports the cluster with his expertise in Zoom Mail. SPF Click on the image to enlarge. DKIM Click on the image to enlarge. DMARC…

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Global Meets Local: Discovering the South West Cyber Security Cluster

March 5, 2021

We are delighted to announce the formal launch of our partnership with the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) which bridges the gap between the global response to cyber security with the regional perspectives and needs for us in South West. This unique and exciting partnership makes available to our region the free resources offered by the…

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Cyber Well Project

March 2, 2021

 LiMETOOLS Introduction LiMETOOLS is a behavioural change company and specialise in 2 main areas of high corporate risk: Environmental Sustainability and Cyber Security & Human Factors. LiMETOOLS work as a consultancy to companies as well as make their own tools (some are accredited by GCHQ). John Dale is the co-founder of LiMETOOLS and Executive Director…

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Recent DCMS & partner announcements

March 1, 2021

Digital identity consultation: the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has set out new plans to help build trust in use of digital identities. This is part of the government’s work to help people prove who they are without the need for physical documents. They are inviting comments on the draft rules around data…

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Record year for UK’s £8.9bn cyber security sector

February 26, 2021

On 18 February the government published new figures showing the UK’s growing cyber industry attracted record investment last year, despite the global pandemic. The report shows that almost 50,000 people are now employed in UK cyber security, with the number of active cyber security firms up by 21%. The sector is now worth an estimated…

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NCSC’s CyberFirst

February 25, 2021

Patrick, CyberFirst: Education lead for NCSC Background = Practitioner, Incident Management, NCSC & GCHQ for the last 7 years focusing on school’s outreach Why do spies care? Our talent pipeline is not diverse or sufficient for us all to have better recruitment choices – lets change that Students often do not know how to prepare…

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SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack

February 22, 2021

SolarWinds Inc. is an American company that develops software for businesses to help manage their networks, systems, and information technology infrastructure. Peter Jones, The Cyber Badger, explains about the SolarWinds attack: In December 2020, FireEye, a cyber security company, said they were breached. With 18,000 companies affected, FireEye did the industry a favor by detecting…

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