NCSC’s CyberFirst

Patrick, CyberFirst:

  • Education lead for NCSC
  • Background = Practitioner, Incident Management, NCSC & GCHQ for the last 7 years focusing on school’s outreach

Why do spies care?

  1. Our talent pipeline is not diverse or sufficient for us all to have better recruitment choices – lets change that
  2. Students often do not know how to prepare for their digital futures – so lets try

What do I really want?

  1. Great schools and colleges that see digital as an opportunity for students to get workplace ready
  2. Great people who want to help them by sharing time and expertise (CyberFirst Ambassadors). Part of NCSC but as volunteers offering a time commitment

What might we do if you became a CyberFirst Ambassador?

  • Gather MI data – baselining
    • How many students have they got coming in? How many of such students are studying Computer Science? What are the gender / minority splits? Stats and how to change that?
  • Problem trying to solve
  • Engage eco system
  • Events/ talks/ activities – create/ organise/ administer/ coordinate/ celebrate (celebrate that Cyber Security is a great industry to work in
  • Test it works
  • If good, template and share
  • Build a community and relationships of schools/ colleges/ ambassadors/ volunteers

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