How to stay safe on Zoom calls

If you are using Zoom to make video calls, do use the following advice to keep yourself and your attendees safer.

Setting up the meeting

  • Ensure you generate an auto ID – don’t use your default session ID based on your username
  • Include a password
  • Enable a waiting room (more advanced)
  • Mute participants on entry (more advanced)

In-call functions

Don’t ‘admit all’ when attendees join, message people you don’t recognise using the chat box.

Become familiar with the Zoom security settings tab within the call:

  • Uncheck ‘allow others to share screens’ (you can always switch this back on if needed)
  • Lock the meeting once everyone is in the session
  • Use a virtual background to hide your background surroundings

Other options:

  • Disable participant chat
  • Disable renaming of participants

Want to know when someone joins or leaves the session? Click ‘participants’ → followed by ‘…’ (in the bottom right hand corner) → and then check ‘play enter/exit chime’.

If you are suspicious of an attendee you can remove them from the meeting – click on the three dots (…) by their name and remove. Once removed they cannot re-enter the call.

If all else fails, know how to end the meeting for everyone. Click ‘end meeting’ and then ‘end meeting for all’.

Other thoughts

  • Do not publish screenshots of your meetings as they may reveal meeting IDs and/or passwords, and could violate the privacy of the other participants.
  • Do not host public meetings using your personal (private) meeting room.