Cyber Platform for Salute my Jobs


Andrew Jackson from Salute my Jobs spoke at this month’s SWCSC Networking Meeting detailing the Cyber Platform for the Armed Forces Community.

About Salute my Jobs:

  • Andrew runs a Social Enterprise called Salute my Jobs
  • Built around the principle that there is a world out there to help people with what steps to take to get into the roles where people can fulfil their full potential
  • Find your next career – supporting and training the Armed Forces Community for civilian employment
  • Help them understand the types of roles that are open to them and that they can compete in good jobs in the Cyber Security space
  • Cyber Security is an area of interest – helping people from military transfer from Military Security to Cyber Security
  • Gap between employers, their opportunities and people in the military
  • Hosting a directory for forces friendly organisations
  • Companies listed in the directory and their commitments to the armed forces community (gold/ silver/ bronze)
  • There has been a real fight to persuade military people that there is room and roles for them in Cyber Security
  • Job searches are filtered to be most relevant to the Armed Forces Community
  • Helps other organisations promote and bring together their support to the community and their offerings
  • Not only to for jobs, but also other opportunities such as training courses, and scholarships from Open University (e.g., Disabled Veterans Scholarship Scheme)
  • The training offered is completely free and is an online digital skillsbuild training platform, to help build skills on projects
  • Helps people realise their military skills are transferrable and =that they can be ‘Tech Vets’, since their skills are improtant

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