Cyber Futures project at South Devon College

During the SWCSC Networking Meeting that was delivered on Friday, Mike Halliday discussed SW success with the SWCSC-sponsored Cyber Futures project at South Devon College.

South West Cyber Futures Programme:

  • Funded by DSCMS via UKC3
  • Coordinated by SWCSC / TechEd programmes
  • It is a pilot programme, for one single year to support a single year group of students
  • The programme is supported by the SME community and SWCSC community


  • Able to develop a mechanism to build a cyber skills pipeline for UK industry
  • Support FE colleges partners in engaging with local businesses
  • Helps students to develop the skills needed for rewarding careers


  • NCSC CyberFirst gold school
  • Top 100 global ranking on Immerse Labs Digital Academy for students
  • 90% of students aspire to enter cyber security as a profession at the end of Year 1
  • All students rate quality of each industry engagement 8+ out of 10
  • Demonstrates viability to DCMS for continued funding and roll out to other clusters

Who is delivering what?

  • Partners include: Thales, CoreTech Security, PGI, Optimising IT, Lineal, KrowdThink, BAR Associates, NCSC, Fujitsu.

“What the kids are doing?”

  • Undertaking a weekly workshop (1 hour 30 mins) delivered by industry. Workshops are based upon a curriculum of content from within the Immersive Labs digital content. It is highly gamified, and competitive, where students can compete against each other, other colleges, and Universities.

Autumn Term:

Spring Term:

Summer Term:

Calls to action:

  • 4 x partners needed to each deliver 2 or more qorkshops
  • CTF for challenge days (December, March)
  • Please email: