About the South West Cyber Security Cluster

Mission Statement

Supported by the police, leading universities, industry experts and business organisations, the Cluster exists to raise the profile of cyber security issues and help the region's businesses and organisations take steps to counter the threats


Statement from the Devon and Cornwall Police on their support of the South West Cyber Security Cluster

Devon and Cornwall Police are pleased to be working with the South West Cyber Security Cluster (SWCSC) in contributing to the National Cyber Security Strategy which sets out a plan to make Britain confident, capable and resilient in a fast-moving digital world.

We are hearing more and more about ‘cyber attacks’ that lead to financial or credibility loss e.g. hacking, phishing, ransomware etc.

As more and more people become aware of and use technology the more cyber related crime is becoming more frequent, increasingly complex and with economic impact at a local regional and national level.

Internet/digital related crime has a consequence for people and businesses (and the people associated to them).  Why then would anyone not take an interest in reducing the risk they or their business is open to.

Cyber risk will not go away – it cannot be stopped but it can be mitigated.

This is why Devon and Cornwall Police support the principles of and involve themselves with the South West Cyber Security Cluster (SWCSC).

We can do this because it is a ‘not for profit’ collaboration of business representatives who are professionals in their field, covered by an agreed Terms of Reference setting moral standards and clearly defined objectives.

Mr Bob Bunney, Police Representative, SWCSC Steering Group    

Terms of Reference SWCSC- ToR -Final

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